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Our satin (shiny) scarves measure approx 15" x 60" and are made from 100% silk satin.
Our Sakura scarves are approx 11" x 60" of the same 100% silk satin.

We also launched a line of SHEER 100% silk georgette scarves - with our images !
So light, so breezy, perfect for warm summer days! They also are approx 15" x 60"
(our Sakura summer scarves are approx 11" x 60").

Our wraps (shawls) are approx 22" x 90" and are made of the same sleek, shiny silk.
Perfect size to wrap around your shoulders with an elegant drape.
Many also come in sheer 100% Silk Georgette, and can be worn as a
longer scarf, a shawl or even as a sarong!

Shown here is our "Calm Waters" - beautiful lily pads floating on the water - can be found here...

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