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Monarch Butterfly Scarf - Butterfly Scarf For Her - Silk Satin Scarf - 15"x60"

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Monarch Dance

The Monarch Migration is quite magical and such a remarkable phenomenon to watch. Join the festivities! Monarch Butterflies dancing in the Eucalyptus trees is a PRINT of an original silk painting by Tina Gleave. This is a PRINTED scarf using high-end dyes and inks that are set for color permanence and vibrancy.

Note: 1/2020: Currently on back-order; you can still order. You will be notified once item is ready to ship. All orders are first come, first served. Thank you!  As a note - we do have Monarch Dance available in sheer georgette if you don't have a preference between shiny satin or textured sheer georgette. Both are 100% silk.

Colors- orange, green, blue, tan, black

Size: 15"x60" approximately, machine hem

Materials- Silk Satin, 100% Silk Satin.

Care- hand wash, mild soap, flat to dry, mild iron.

Gift wrapped!