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Poncho - Cover Up - Sheer Silk - Tuscan Inspired - Impressionist Painting - Wedding - 5-in-1 - ONE SIZE PLUS

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Summer Cover Up. Winery Sheer Silk PONCHO.

Options- Wear it long, Tie it on the side. Tie it in the back. BELT IT! Enjoy the many ways you can wear your silk poncho.

Color - Brown, Copper, Tan, Burgundy, Merlot

Material - Sheer Silk Georgette, Gauzy texture

SIZE - One Size, Plus - Measures approx.

-Front & Back - 24" long from neck to lower hem on both sides

-Wide - 54 "

-Hole in center for head

-NO ARM Holes – OPEN

Care - Hand wash, mild soap, mild Iron. Dry Clean ok.

Gift Wrapped!