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Poncho - Summer Cover Up - Hummingbird - Peony - Blue Silk Poncho - Sheer - Wedding - ONE SIZE PLUS

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Blessings, Blue

Beach Cover Up - Hummingbird - Peony - Navy Blue Sheer Silk PONCHO.

Wear it long, Tie it on the side. Tie it in the back. BELT IT! Enjoy the many ways you can wear your silk poncho.

Color - Navy Blue Hues, Pink, Orange, Green, Black

Material - Sheer 100% Silk Georgette, Gauzy texture

SIZE - One Size, Plus - Measures approx.
-Front & Back - 24" long from neck to lower hem on both sides
-Wide - 54 "
-Hole in center for head
-NO ARM Holes - OPEN

Care - Hand wash, mild soap, mild Iron. Dry Clean ok.

Gift Wrapped!