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Butterfly Kimono - Monarch Butterfly Dinner Jacket- Silk Cover Up - Resort Wear - Sheer - One Size Plus

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Butterfly kimono, Sheer Silk Monarch ButterflyKimono. Originally hand painted design by Tina Gleave. This is a silk print of the painting.

SIZE - One Size, Plus - Measures approx.
- Front & Back - 33" long from neck to lower hem on both F & B
- Each Front Side Panel - 14" Across
- BACK Width - Back Side to Side 32" wide,
- Arm Opening - 14"
- 2" Collar Band

- No loops, no tie, worn open

Color- blue, orange, green, black

Material- sheer silk Georgette, Gauzy texture

Care- hand wash, line dry, iron. Dry clean ok

Gift Wrapped!